Dehumidifier cabinet

Addition to the family

August 5, 2017

Enormous thanks – yet again – to Kew’s Millennim Seed Bank Partnership for donating our latest addition to the True Harvest Seeds family.  Already in use to temporarily hold some of the seed collections we’ll be sharing with the Millennium Seed Bank the cabinet will soon take on its other life form and become a germination cabinet.

Reliable germination testing is one of the steps we are taking to advance our seed testing work.  Seeds aren’t banked long term unless they have a germination rate of 85% and over; under optimum conditions.  Finding these conditions and being able to apply them requires a consistent yet controllable environment.  Applying the best environment for the germination of specific species can be estimated when we look at the plants’ natural environment – and we can also investigate Kew’s Seed Information Database to see similiar work for that plant or its species.  So all in all, we can’t say it enough –