Plant hunting by boat

August 10, 2017

We have been kindly granted permission to collect seeds and plant material for research from the crown estates via much hard work from staff at Newry Mourne and Down Council and Cadogan Enright.  We are investigating designated parts of the shore between the mean water marks.  So before walking the shore we were invited by Helen, our most talented volunteer and her husband Captain James Eilliott to go out in his boat and scan the shore with binoculars.  We found the best access points down to our areas, and saw that the big shore brassicas started appearing just after Kilclief.  There’s a fantastic show of Tripleurospermum maritimum this year with Sonchus arvensis, Beta vulgaris, Rahpanus raphanistrum most obvious.   We also passed close to a huge seal lounging in the water and showing off a big fish it must have just caught and a tern delicately maneuvering a little tiddler.  Thie picture shows Kilclief Castle in the foreground of the Mourne Mountains.  True Harvest Seeds is just to the left and back a bit from the castle 🙂