Seed Collection Training

Training courses are available to groups, please contact for training course details.

Seed Collection Training theory teaches you how to make successful seed collections for yourself and also how you can become involved and contribute to the national seed collection. Aspects of cleaning and storing of seed are covered to enable you to save your own seed successfully for next year’s sowing.

Practical Seed Collection Training

Practical Seed Collection Training includes theory, usually in the first part of the day with hands on session out seed collecting in the afternoon. These courses are available when plants become ready, starting about April time and ending around October, with the dates being weather dependent.

We can come out to your group with a bespoke training day. Where we make a bona fide suitable seed collection that can be tested for adding to the seed bank, we can reduce the rates.

All fees and donations are put to furthering the work of THS.

Do It Yourself

Guide to Collecting and Saving Seeds

With this guide you can learn how to successfully make seed collections and store the seed effectively until sowing time.

This guide is Free: To Download click here

We would encourage people to use seeds of native origin – that is seeds that are from original Irish plants in your own local area.

The importation of seeds and plants of the same species, from abroad, may be permanently and irreversibly endangering our flora on the island. Not enough testing has been done to verify each species genetically, so no-one actually knows.

Legislation in Germany will come into effect in 2020 that wild flower seeds and plants cannot be moved between even zone to zone within the country.  The large companies who work with wild flower seed producers already practice this principle.